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Security Surveillance

Our system offers digital (IP) technology matched to the harsh environment of rolling stock applications to provide the highest performance and resilience on the market. The recording quality permits evidential video to be taken from the seating and doorway areas to clearly identify offenders, while external cameras offer reliable high definition images that are proven to improve operational efficiency. 1000 high resolution images per second and a complete train of up to 48 cameras may be recorded using a single digital video recorder.


In cases where the train is stopped, footage is available immediately and may be browsed and replayed at the scene. DVDs of the incident can be burned (in a secure format) while still on the vehicle, allowing the vehicle to return to service with minimal delay.

  • Signal Passed at Danger (SPADs)
  • Suicides and other fatalities
  • Prompt evidence
  • Workforce near misses
  • Trespass, graffiti and stone throwing
  • Vegetation surveys
  • Trackside Litter
  • Materials on tracks
  • Confirmation of track work

The on-board system provides significant safety and financial advantages over platform mounted mirrors or monitors. The system uses wide dynamic range digital camera technology with pixel level exposure control to ensure that the driver is presented with clear images in all lighting conditions.

  • Safety to SIL1
  • Multi-level image verification with safety interlocks
  • The external cameras can share network with saloon, vestibule and forward facing cameras
  • Can operate independently from saloon CCTV or passenger counting system
  • Optional recording of images
  • Fault Tolerant

Pantograph failures during service can cause major delays and considerable financial impact. The roof mounted camera surveys the pantograph and overhead line throughout the trains day and night operation.

The pantograph surveillance uses pixel-level exposure control to combat adverse lighting conditions while looking up at the pantograph. The enclosure is mounted on the top of the pantograph car and is proven to stand up to the harsh environment of daily rail applications.


Vertical infra-red detectors are situated at all vehicle doors to determine passenger flow in both directions. The detector recognises movement both ‘in to’ and separately ‘out of’ the detection area. Passenger numbers are compiled for each vehicle door providing the movement of passengers (on/off) to be measured and studied on a car by car and door by door basis. Vehicle name and number, station location and time and date fields are combined with the passenger load data.


The “OEM Cloud” provides a pay as you go model to the customer for the use of the OEM Internet Web portal and data streaming services. The portal provides the customer with the appropriate business intelligence to enable them to make improvements in their operations. A key feature of OEM’s cloud services is the pay as you go model and the ease of connectivity to the OEM hardware devices in the field.

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