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Controllers, RTUs & I/O


OEM's range of programmable controllers have been designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding control and monitoring applications particularly in the rail and industrial applications.The controllers are low profile and are housed in rugged enclosures.

Each comes with adequate mounting points and optional DIN mounting clips. All controllers are equipped with an Ethernet port for connection to the Local Area Network. Control and monitoring data maybe passed between controllers or onto the management system.

The controllers have been designed to operate on a wide range of supply voltage and in demanding environmental conditions, making them ideal for rail and industrial applications. Read more...


The Low Power Remote Telemetry Unit is perfect for monitoring remote operational assets with small point counts. This RTU is very cost effective and allows you to extend your monitoring network beyond the point economically possible with larger devices.

It is designed to operate for at least two years on an internal battery pack. Its unique power management system allows the RTU to continue to take measurements such as pulses from flow meters while it stays in extremely low power mode. It will also turn power on to analogue transmitters when measurements are required then remove power after measurements have been taken.

The DNP3 protocol is used to transmit data to the host via a wireless 3G connection. The RTU can also act as a Modbus master so it can get information from your remote instruments when required.

Features and Benefits

  • Ultra low power mode allows operation for more than two years on one battery pack
  • DNP3 Protocol – Store alarms and events with timestamp
  • Modbus Master – Connect to instruments in the field and return live data
  • Integrated 3G wireless connectivity with SIM
  • Count pulses (flow) while in very low power modePower analogue transmitters when taking measurements
  • High and low alarm configurable set points with dead band
  • IP68 enclosure for complete protection


Remote IO Modules
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Low Power RTU brochure
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SCADA Products Brochure
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SCADA Services Brochure
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